Woodway Pro XL

Artikelnr: CN-61201

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Tavaramerkki Woodway


Bigger, faster and stronger than other treadmills, the Pro and Pro XL have the ability to handle some of the most elite and most powerful athletes. With accurate speeds for reliable testing, WOODWAY’s performance treadmills will not be the limiting factor in your training.

The Pro treadmill provides a great uphill workout with a max incline of 25% elevation, and its larger running surface provides ample space for lateral workouts for any size athlete.

Pro XL


Pituus 246 cm
Leveys 122 cm
Korkeus 173 cm
Maksimikäyttäjäpaino 230 kg (gång 360 kg)
Nopeus 0 - 24 km/h
Kallistus 0% - 25%
Juoksupinta 224 x 70 cm
Shipping Volume 0
Shipping Weight 0