TRUE Palladium Seated Row

Artikelnr: CN-21394

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Tavaramerkki TRUE

Unilateral arms that diverge at 11 degrees with trailing link handles and rotating grips make the Palladium Series Seated Row the perfect choice for all users from novice to professional. The center grip provides stability during one arm rows while the adjustable chest pad comfortably accommodates a wide range of users.

  • 8 position seat adjustable while seated or standing uses premium grade linear bearings and gas cylinder assist for stable, low friction adjustments
  • Unilateral arms diverge at 11 degrees resulting in full articulation of the shoulder complex
  • Unique rotating grips allow supination and pronation throughout the movement while keeping the wrist neutral in radial and ulnar deviation

Kåpa i Akryl (Artikelnr: CN-21368)


Pituus 165 cm
Leveys 117 cm
Korkeus 147 cm
Painopakka 118 kg (145 kg)
Shipping Weight 0
Shipping Volume 0