Ion Dual Fly/Rear Delt

Artikelnr: CN-11812

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Tavaramerkki Cybex

A space-saving, triple-function design allows for effective chest press, incline press and shoulder press movements from a natural body position. The sleek design is intuitive and inviting to exercisers of all fitness levels and abilities.

• The workarm adjusts in 7 positions for multiple pressing angles to accommodate each user’s size and lifting preference

• A single-pin, gas-assisted mechanism allows for easy simultaneous seat and back pad position adjustments for different presses.

• Multiple grip locations allow for effective strength training for a wide range of users


Pituus 155 cm
Leveys 191 cm
Korkeus 206 cm
Paino 246 kg
Maksimikäyttäjäpaino 136 kg
Painopakka 131 kg
Shipping Volume 0
Shipping Weight 0